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I have a problem when I tried to overclock the cpu of my fx6300 with my m5a99x evo r2.0 and then reset it back to default settings. I tried playing a video and it was suprisingly choppy and no audio from the video and the audio cuts out like not hearing the full windows 7 startup sound. I also have a R9270x asus top model and 8gbs of hyperx cl9 ram. what is the problem since I'm Mentally freaking out
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    Just a guess, but start by uninstalling your audio and drivers and reinstalling them (Device manager and Control panel).
    Do the same for your Video card.
    Worth a shot, fairly simple to do.
  2. Did it cure the problem?
  3. nostall said:
    Did it cure the problem?

    yeah thanks sorry for the late reply still trying to overclock my cpu to 4.2ghz with the 212 evo
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