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I have a MSI GTX 660 that is within a week new. I've run games such as Battlefield 4 with it just fine and such, had it read perfectly fine, and then I tried to use shadowplay and the screen went completely black. Guessing something went funky I just rebooted my computer. Once it reset it wouldn't read the video card but it still goes through the port. My monitor was connected via DVI and I tried my tv using HDMI. Putting them both through the video card, it will allow me to use them, but without recognition that the device is even there. When I try to open Nvidia Display it says there is no device. The drivers are all up to date. If nobody can help me here, should I contact MSI because they made it or Nvidia cus it's their chipset and program
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  1. I would say MSI, because they are the ones who will replace the card.
    You can open a thread about fixing the issue, or simply return the card.
    My input would be uninstall all graphics drivers and anything to do with Nvidia, then re dl them, see if that helps.
  2. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers? Or the GPU in another system?
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    try booting into safe mode and removing the older drivers and then rebooting. if the video card does not work right power off. take power off the wall on the pc and reset the cmos. then reboot if the video card still acting strange see what the motherboard primany display is set for. if it set to auto or ipgpu the mb is set to boot from the onboard video first. set it to peg/pci. also try reinstalling the mb chipset drivers see if one of them is damaged. if nothing changes...rma the card but also send an email to both msi and nvidia.
  4. Don't know why I didn't think of just reinstalling the drivers. Figured since they're within a few days ago they'd be fine, guess I'm not trying Shadowplay though lol. Great answers and quick responses were great! Thanks everyone.
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