Intel SSD 530 not working in HP g6 laptop

I have a HP pavilion g6 laptop with a Intel i5-2450M CPU and Intel HM65 Express Chipset.
8GB ram
Windows 7 home premium-64 bit
Intel SSD 530 240GB
(Hitachi 500GB HDD)
I have tried installing the Intel SSD after cloning with the provided Intel software and the computer says that there was a disk read error. I looked in the BIOS for the AHCI setting, however the InsydeH20 BIOS is very basic and doesn't have this setting.
The strange part is if I run the restore disc startup repair then cancel and restart Windows will boot perfectly an quickly.
I have also tried completely reinstalling Windows with no success.
I have heard that you can unlock the bios and get to the SATA settings but it is very risky and I am not sure if it is worth it in my case because of the risk of ruining the motherboard, as I have no income and wouldn't be able to replace it.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. A clean install is the preferred method of installing Microsoft Windows. Although cloning utilities work reasonably well, sometimes there are glitches.

    Is Microsoft Windows still installed on the hard disk drive?

    Did you unplug the hard disk drive before installing Windows on the ssd?

    Did you enter the System BIOS and select the ssd as the boot drive?

    When you reinstalled Windows to the ssd did you perform a secure erase first?

    BTW - Two weeks ago a client called me. Her teenage daughter had an HP laptop similar to yours. The ssd and the hard disk drive had problems. I wound up performing a secure erase to completely wipe the ssd clean and make it like new again. Then I used a hard drive scrub utility to completely wipe the hard drive clean. I reinstalled the ssd and did a clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64 OEM and necessary drivers. Once I was satisfied that everything was working I reinstalled the hard disk drive and used Windows to format it. I did not install all of the applications and utilities that HP installed. The client's daughter didn't use any of it except for Microsoft Office Suite.
  2. Windows is still on the HDD but it was removed as the laptop only has one SATA HDD port.
    When cloning I used a US to SATA adapter on the SSD, I also tried it with the SSD in the computer and the HDD on the USB adapter.
    I reinstalled the HDD so I could use the computer to search for answers online.
    The SSD was selected as the boot drive also it was the only drive installed.
    Before installing Windows on the SSD I used the software provided with the Intel migration software to wipe it.
  3. When you installed Windows to the ssd did you use a disc provided by HP or do you have your own copy of Windows? Sometimes those discs provided by the pc company contain additional proprietary code.
  4. I used my own copy of Windows, HP doesn't provide one with this laptop.
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    SOLVED: The problem was the SSD.
    I returned the Intel SSD and exchanged it for a Samsung 840 EVO SSD (250GB) and it worked on the first try.
    Thanks for your help!
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