burning smell still coming from pc after changing burnt out psu

My PSU burnt out last night so I changed it out with a PSU I had from another computer to make sure everything else was still working correctly. The computer boots up no problem and all components seem to be functioning properly. There is, however, still a slight burning smell coming from the PC. I do not see any scorch marks, all the temperature levels are normal, and nothing appears visually damaged.

Could this just be residual smoke damage from the PSU? (There was quite a bit of smoke coming out of the computer when the PSU burnt out.)
Or is this something else entirely and maybe the PSU when it burnt out took something else with it?

** To update: I did take the entire PC apart and check each part individually for scorch marks and to smell if any of the pieces were giving off a burning odor. Nothing apart from the PSU, which was changed out, gave any sort of odor and had no visual damage.**
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  1. may be another part like the mb burning out. I would take the pc apart and for safty rma the part if you can. at lest look for melted parts or smell for burnt parts.
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