Best setup for 2 SSDs and 1 HDD.

Just wanting a second opinion on the best setup for my system. I already have Windows 7 on my Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120 GB SSD with Windows set to send all the User profile files (pictures, downloads, etc.) to a 500 GB Seagate HDD. For Christmas, I got a Samsung 840 Pro 512 GB SSD. Initially, I had though to install Windows onto the Samsung SSD as it is supposed to have much better performance than the Mushkin SSD. However, I'm also kind of tempted just to install the SSD as a drive for games and other media files / programs which I'd like to load as quickly as possible. Am I better off just leaving my setup as is and using the 840 as a performance storage drive or should I use the 840 as my system drive and relegate my Mushkin to a low-capacity storage drive? I can see benefits to both and just wanted some opinions of people who may already use dual-SSD setups as to which is the best configuration.
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  1. I would use it as you said. Games, files etc. for faster loads. Also you won't see a huge performance boost swamping W7. I vote performance drive, I use mine that way and could not be more pleased with the performance.
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    I would just leave the OS where it is on the Mushkin, and designate the other drives for other stuff.

    I have 2 SSD + other HDD's. OS and applications on one 128, working docs on the other 128 SSD, and large stuff/games on the HDD's.

    See this tutorial for designating where things should go:
  3. Thank you both for the quick responses. I believe I'll use it as a performance storage drive and leave the OS on the Mushkin as it seems to makes the most sense practically.
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