How much can I overclock my CPU?

alright... I have a fx-8320 and i wanna know how much i can overclock, its being cooled by a cooler master hyper 212 and my motherboard is msi 970-A-G43 and i don't know if the case matter...cuz off the fans and all but its a corsair 300r
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    This may sound sarcastic but, as much as you can.
    By this I mean slowly tuning up the speeds and resetting, running tests, moving up. Adding voltage till it gets too hot, or it crashes. Once that happens tune it down slightly until it is stable again.
    (stealing this analogy) Overclocking is like chocolate chip cookies, some will be loaded, other will be barren. (It varies!)
  2. you can pretty much overclock your 8320 at 4.5 GHz with that cooler keeping it under 60 degrees. just make sure you watch your voltage, keep it around 1.45 V.
    but Gam3r01 is right, if youre up to it and depending on if you have a good chip, push it as much as you can.
  3. You will need to turn off a bunch of crap in the bios for example cool and quiet turbo mode and so on and so forth otherwise your cpu will throttle back be sure to download core temp and cupid this will help and aid in your overclocking also a good benchmark program is heaven be sure to download that as well.... Good luck...
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