my laptop windows 7 is slow on startup

slow on preparing desktop, and it dont even load, i need to wait long time before it locked and when i unlock it, that time it load my desktop, pls help.. it always take me a long time
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  1. Start with running Combofix, it's free to use and download. I ask people when was the last time your ran security software? Microsoft Security Essentials is free and works great. CCLEANER is free, works great and cleans all your Internet files and also will correct registry errors. These free tools are the first place to start, you should see great improvement when finished running these tools.
  2. You may now think that you may now have a fresh install
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    Once you've installed security software (if you don't already have it) and scanned your hard drive for viruses, and run ccleaner.exe to clean out junk files, you can fun MSCONFIG.EXE and go to the Startup tab to see what's starting up every time you boot. Over a long time people end up installing lots of software on their system and much of it sets itself up to load on boot-up, which can greatly slow your boot-up process. If you rarely use the installed software there is no need to run it every time you boot the system, you just start it up when you need it.

    MSCONFIG.EXE gives you the ability to disable any of the software that is starting up at boot. Certain software, such as your system's sound card manager, graphics management software, or hard disk controller software, you want to leave alone, but other software can be disabled at your discretion.

    If you're unsure what some of the software is that is starting up in the Startup tab, ask here or type the program into Google and the first few hits will tell you about it, what it does and where it comes from.
  4. For instance, I used to have Dropbox start up every time I booted my desktop, but I mainly use Dropbox for my laptops. So I told Dropbox to stop loading at every bootup. Now, when I need to access those few files I store in the Dropbox cloud from my desktop, either to see the latest versions of the files or to edit one, about once or twice a week, I just hit the Windows Key on my desktop, type in "dropbox", hit Enter and up it comes. But by not having it start up every time I boot my desktop I shave a few seconds off my bootup time. I do that with other software also, such as SlySoft's AnyDVD and others that I don't use that often, but in default mode set themselves to start on every boot.
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