Connect my Netgear ac1700 router to a separate network?

I own a Netgear ac1700 router at home. I have another home 40 miles away which I would like to seamlessly connect so that devices in each network see each other as a single network.

My understanding is that I need to use VPN setup of some kind. Do i need to buy another Netgear ac1700 router for my second home?

A google search yielded results that are a bit over my head. Can someone walk me through exactly how I can accomplish my goal?
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  1. If you go down the VPN route, which is the first that springs to mind,
    your Netgear will probably not suffice,

    Either way your first task will be to either get a static IP assigned, or set up dynamic DNS.
    You should be able to configure your netgear to use
    this will give you a fixed address you can use to contact your home network.

    once this is done you have a few options depending on what you are trying to achieve.
    If you are trying to access a file server/nas of some kind you could use port forwarding on your netgear to allow you to browse to that server externally, though you would want to set up some basic security on this.

    Another option would be to buy 2 business class routers that supports VPN etc, such as a CISCO device and set those up with a vpn at each end.

    The easiest option is probably to look in to a solution which allows you to use your pc remotely, there are plenty out there, I believe google do a free one as a plugin to chrome, or citrix make one at
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