just Wana know which is better fx8350 or the Intel i7 4770k ? I'll mostly use the processor for gaming . For at least 3years

Hi there :)
After rubbing my head in all those freakin forums . I still can't make out the beat choice for me is wat ?
Is it so called "on the budget" octa core amd fx 8350
Or the Intel core i7 4770k
Though both can be overclocked..
Basically I'm more into gaming and want a cpu running latest as well as future games at maxed strings for ATLEAST 3years .. budget not an issue .. games I prefer are like Crysis 3 .. metro .. and so on .. which kneell down any gpu . So It might help if u suggest a good gpu with that too . I heard u guys r best .. and I'll make my final decsion from your opinions .
Harsh (india delhi)
Thanks a lot again in adv.
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  1. The i7-4770k runs circles around the FX-8350 in most games due to Intel's strong sequential performance. However, with both the XBone and the PS4 based on the same architecture as the FX series microprocessors (albeit at a much lower speed) that gap is expected to narrow quite a bit.
  2. In the performance end, Intel will beat the AMD CPU hands down so for future proofing go with the Intel CPU for gaming. As for a GPU if the budget allows for it a nvidia 780/780ti or AMD R9 290X.
  3. The FX8350 can be considered a competition to I5 4670 but will loose outright to the I7 4770K. The I5 beats it even in over 90% of cases. Depending on resolution then GTX770 and R9 280X are great for 1080P but any higher the GTX780/780ti or R9 290/290X kick in.
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    If games are your primary concern then you want the i5-4670k. The i7 series has Hyper Threading which games do not use, so there is no real reason to buy an i7 for a gaming rig.

    In terms of overall performance in games the FX-8350 and 1st generation i7-920 performs very close to each other. They are almost interchangeable when looking at average overall performance.
  5. 4770k is definitely a superior cpu. But for like half the cost, you can get an FX 8320 and use the money saved for a far better GPU for the same amount of money that a 4770k rig would cost.
  6. I just switched from a overclocked 8350 to a 4770k the other day and its a night and day difference in game performance, its WAY smoother in BF4 at almost double the framerate. Same for most other games
  7. Honestly if your into gaming an i5 will do the job quite well.A i7 will run circles around amd but will cost you an arm and leg believe me if your just gaming hell a haswell i3 would do great but idk about 3 years.i made the switch from amd to intel and I don't care what the tech specs say when playing dayz and other cpu intensive games the intel got it hands down and this is coming from a amd user for 6 years.
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