What's the best PSU for a Gigabyte 770 450w Card!

Hi Im a nooby to power supplys. I was wondering if the Powercool X-Viper 1050W was good enough to hook upto my 770 450w new card and If the PSU had all the cables I needed. Any responses will be appreciated.

My Graphics Card:

The PSU I was going to order:

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  1. Simple answer and only answer you need.

  2. Does it come with all the cables I need to hook upto my card?

    Also is the PSU good/reliable enough to run this card?

    Is there any better PSU's you can recommend me for under £100 ?

  3. Well atm I have a 550w and my PC crashed and wouldn't display when I installed the 770 so I need to get a new PSU. You think only 100w more than what I had before is going to work ? Remember that the graphics card takes 450w on max load and I have a i7 980x so I'm not sure if 650w is enough!
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    980x = 226w maximum (Stock)
    770 = 300w maximum (each)

    226+ 300w = 526w
    sli + 980x = 826w stock when OC you will hit 900w!
  5. when you search a power supply try find here. to see if the power supply has the real thing
  6. Thanks!

    Have a happy new year!
  7. Maybe to your Original Post Question. 12volt rails are what the 6/8pin connectors are called. =I think
    From a google search of "Powercool X-Viper 1050w" showed it had 4+4 pins and 6+2 pin connectors

    I like this PSU for the GTX 770:
    ^900w should be enough.

    If you are only going to have 1=770 and the usual components=MBoard, Cpu, 1=SSD, 1=HDD 1=Bluray/DVD
    Then 800+watts PSU I would go with. Though if your thinking of a SLI then get a +1000w PSU.

    I have been told that if your system needs 700watts...then get a 1000watt PSU or more.
    Bigger, the better your system will run. =less energy consumption.
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