My maximus v extreme usb ports stops working when I try to install windows 7

I want to install windows 7 but my keyboard shuts off when windows load. I have a maximus v extreme with an i7-3770k and 32 gigs of ram. I have tried different usb keyboards but still the same result. I have a wd 3tb hdd. I have a 1250 watt psu.
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  1. Sounds like you plugged your keyboard into a usb 3.0 port. Windows 7 doesnt come with usb 3.0 drivers. You need to download and install them manually so they can work after the installation. To be able to operate the keyboard during windows installation, just plug the keyboard into a usb 2.0 port.
  2. Thanks Derico for the reply. When I plug the keyboard into the usb 2.0 slot the keyboard doesn't work at all. I figured that your pretty sharp, knowing which port I was plugged into without me saying. So can you tell me what I am missing
  3. Heya Vegeta11

    I got a Z77 Maximus V Formula, which is very close to yours. So i went into the BIOS to check a few things.

    Could you check in the BIOS that:

    Under the "BOOT" tab, that the USB Support i set to "Partial Initialization"
    Also under the "Advanced" tab that the USB config for "Legacy USB Support" is enabled.

    Do you use a Wireless keyboard? If yes. Could you try with a wired one. Since i've had some issues with my Logitech K750 that also made me unable to use my keyboard while installing Windows OS.
  4. They are enabled and I have two wired keyboards. Logitech k120 and a Microsoft 4000 v1.0
  5. Also I can only enter bios via the 3.0 ports
  6. Do you use the Front ports or the port on the motherboard.

    Could you check one more thing inside hte BIOS. See if the USB ports is disabled, under the "USB Single Port Control"
  7. I use the ports on the motherboard and the usbports are enabled
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    Okey. This is draws out to be a strange issue :)

    Very well.

    Here is a photo of where my USB keyboard is placed in the Motherboard:
    (The grey cable next to the two black)

    I just find i hard to understand that all your USB 2.0 ports might be defective. 1-2 ports maybe. But not all.

    If you could do 1 last thing. I do not think it would work. Since you can't use your keyboard to to enter BIOS unless it is connected to the USB 3.0. But could you try to download a new ISO of the OS from:

    If eveything continue to fail and no one USB 2.0 ports works. I would suggest RMA the board.
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