New M-Atx build for the latest intensive game titles. (First build)

I have had this mac for a long time now and it could never really run any games well, So it's time for a change of pace.

I'm ordering from PC Case Gear

Here's the specs.

Case: Silverstone Sugo SG09

MotherBoard: ASRock Z87M Extreme 4 Motherboard

Cpu: i5 4670k

RAM: G.Skill Ares F3-1600C9D-8GAO 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3

Cpu Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO

Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 OC Edition 4GB

Storage: 1TB Seagate barracuda (I will invest in an SSD soon)

Psu: Silverstone Strider Plus 600W ST60F-P

This system will cost $1585 AUD including a monitor and network adapter.


Will this thing overclock?

Will this system be loud?

Will this system perform well?

I'd like to hear any thoughts or sugestions.

These are some specs of my current IMac. (Just for fun)

4 gb ram

Radeon hd 4670 graphics card

That's all i know about this IMac.

Yet still, this mac costed $1690 AUD.
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  1. Best answer
    Looks fine, I would definitely buy a SSD though and assuming they include the OS disc, re-install windows on the SSD before you load everything up.
  2. Will that Psu power this system overclocked?
  3. As above, GET AN SSD it really makes the difference, even a small-ish one only for the OS.
  4. Top Shelf said:
    Will that Psu power this system overclocked?

    Yes that should be fine.
  5. I said i would invest in an SSD.
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