GTA 4 PC Worst Performance

Hello. Has anybody have any tweak to make GTA 4 PC run smoothly. Plzz dont tell that i need more RAM and graphic card
Plzz suggest some Hack or Tweaks.

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  1. what your hardware set up??
  2. If your hardware cant handle the game, which I will assume is the case cause it sounds like others have already told you to upgrade hardware, no hack or tweak is gonna make it run better. Either upgrade, or play the game in slideshow mode.
  3. GTA4 is very CPU limited. If you have a "capable" GPU already, try overclocking your CPU.
  4. Lower the view/drw distance... That's your best bet I'd guess.
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  6. How to play in slideshow mode?
  7. I think that slideshow mode was sarcasm. It means a few frames a second. If you are playing on hardware that won't give a decent framerate with the game, then it won't. You can always try running at a lower resolution, with lower detail / antialising settings, but if it's hardware limited then you are not going to do any better.

    It would help us if you posted what hardware you do have, so we could get an idea if it's adequate or hopeless.

    Also, please only post the question once. Three versions of it just make more work for the moderation team to delete them.
  8. He did post his specs in his other thread. And they are old. He doesnt want to be told that he has to upgrade his hardware. But that is his only choice. It was a bit of sarcasm, but when he asked and was answered, it was an answer he didnt want to hear. SPend money and upgrade your gear, or play the game the way it is. There is no hack or tweak to make it work better on his hardware.
  9. I wasn't criticizing sarcasm, just translating. It is an excellent literary tool.
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