Help me identify the cpu/gpu on motherboard. Picture attached.

Hello, this is my first time opening up a laptop...I decided to bite the bullet since it kept overheating and shutting down on me. First, I'm resealing the thermal paste on my CPU and gpu on my Toshiba satellite a505 Core 2 Duo Pentium laptop (4-5yrs old). In addition, I'm also cleaning out the fan/heatsink. But the fan/heatsink was the easy part. Im a giant noob to this stuff, and have been following very close directions on tutorials/YouTube. I'm staring at the motherboard and have a good idea on what to reseal. I just need some help on classifying each sub-components(cpu/gpu) on the motherboard. I attached a picture. Starting from left to right: 1.) On the chip next to the motherboard, is that the GPU? I have to paste the compound on the middle of nvidia logo and the two above and two to the right, correct? 2.) The square on the actual motherboard next to the ram is what? That also needs a seal, correct? 3.) The 'pink' square next to that square is what? Also needs a seal, correct?

Sorry for the noob questions. Just need some clarification before I proceed this daunting task. Well for me at least. Thanks for reading.
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  1. Google is your friend! :)

    As for the left chip, I'm guessing it is a GPU too.
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