I have a Dell 3020M model monitor which has vga and dvi output. [24 pin]. I'm looking for better video quality to watch movies

Looking for a solution to this problem guys.
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    What exactly is your question here?
  2. I don't understand what you are asking, If you are asking which is better VGA or DVI then DVI as it uses digital signals and VGA uses analogue
  3. Sorry mate, new to this, clicked on the wrong button :( System Motherboard ASUS M5A78L-M LXV2, ATI 3000 Radeon Graphics onboard. 4GB memory, win7 ultimate. The Dell 3020M monitor connects to the VGA port on MB. If i install the Asus Graphic card, will it improve the video display performance? What cable do i use to connect the DVI port of monitor to the DVI port on the graphics card? Is it worth the small investment?
  4. If you install a graphics card it wont really change how the image looks on your monitor
  5. It will increase performance for example you will be able to play higher definition video, and play games at higher detail and resolutions
  6. Tnxx Willdobbo for your inputs, much appreciated. higher definition video performance is what I was looking at. :bounce:
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