Need help getting rid of RandomPrice 6.1

Not sure if I'm posting in the right section but its the closest one I could think of...
Anyways, I've been having a problem since Monday this week where my google chrome browser keeps installing an extension called "RandomPrice 6.1" This puts ads on every website I visit and is really annoying. I tried to go to chrome://settings to uninstall the extension and clear private data but no luck. Every time I open up chrome it seems to already be there. I even went as far as purchasing webroot antivirus thinking it would detect something but it was all for nothing... The ads are appearently by "safesaver" which I could not find anywhere on my PC.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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  1. You can usually find guides on how to remove this kind of adware through the internet. Have a search.
  2. I've tried several none of them work
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    The files are likely hidden. You could set all of your files to "not hidden" from the control panel. I would assume that the adware is in a hidden file on your personal files as you can't delete those with a system restore. Try hitman pro first though.
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