I load up my game and within 30 seconds it exits me back to my homescreen, VERY ANNNOYING

I don't know what the problem is and its really annoying me because I have no clue what to do, I load up the game and it just exits me strait back to home screen, I play games like bioshock infinite, far cry 3 and borderlands 2, here are my pc specs:
AMD FX(TM)-8350 eight core processor-4.00ghz,
16 gb ddr3 ram
2gb amd radeon hd 7850
windows 7 64bit,
any help would be greatly appreciated, try to kepp answers relatively simple because im quite new to pcs!
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  1. u mean that every game u have has this kind of problem??
  2. Does it not give any error messages ?
  3. are they all steam games? did it work before?
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