what does an ssid code look like and where is it located?

where do I get my ssid code so I can connect my Samsung tablet to my WIFI?
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  1. It should be in your router's setup. What make/model router do you have?
  2. You have to enter to your router's UI or if you already have a computer hooked up to the wireless network, check on the preferred networks for the SSID
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    If you havent' changed it in the router settings, the default SSID should be on the back panel of the router itself, & your tablet should detect it as an available network.

    If you have changed the router's SSID, just log into the router from your desktop/laptop PC & verify what the current SSID code is.

    The better question is whether you remember the WEP/WPA/WPA2 key it needs to log into that network, & that you've hopefully made sure it's at least using WPA (preferably WPA2) for its encryption.
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