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Nividia 750m 4gb integrated graphics vs nvidia 750m 2gb dedicated graphics.. What is best for performance.. . Both have core i7 processor and 8gb ram
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  1. A little misunderstanding. There is no integrated NVIDA graphics any more. It's alway a dedicated graphics card, but integrated in the laptop. Therefore 4gb is better then 2gb.
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    Unfortunately they are just two different marketing wordings for the same thing. The 750M is a "dedicated" GPU, and it just means it doesn't share RAM with the CPU. It is also an "integrated" graphics card for laptops.

    Go for the 4gb version. If they're roughly the same price budget, might as well get more for less. If it's significantly more expensive, go for the 2GB Version, as the 750M is most likely going to bottleneck performance far before you hit your video RAM limit.
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