Recommendations on my next build ($700-1000)

I am looking to build a computer in the next 8 months. I have decided to start shopping and pricing some components. My goal is to spend $700-1000 to build a good computer for video processing and some light gaming gaming. Not looking for the end-all, but a good bang for buck computer.

Currently I have a 2.3 GHz Intel i7, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 memory, an Nvidia GeForceGT 650M graphics card, and a 480 GB SSD. This is a good machine overall for me, but I wouldn't mind it being a little faster, especially on the graphics front. I already have keyboard, monitor, mouse etc.

I have to get rid of this computer completely, and start from scratch within the next 8 months. What recommendations do you have for my build?
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    Technology and prices change too fast for that time frame. Come back in 7 months and ask the same question.
  2. I understand that for SSD and graphics. Other parts don't change nearly as fast (power supply, case, etc.) I need it built BY 8 months from now, so I was planning to start the build in the next month or two so I can begin using before the deadline.
  3. In 8 months from now, next gen processor will either be released or almost released. Prices will different from now
  4. Yeah if you can wait 8 months, wait for the newest stuff. Intel will have a new CPU line out and nVidia might have the 800 series GPUs out.
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