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Hey all

I've picked out all of my components and was hoping someone could take a look and let me know what they think. Does this set up look ok? Would you recommend I do anything differently? My main use for this computer will be gaming. My budget is 1,300.

Thanks in advance
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    Personally, I'd get a cheaper motherboard (think $100 - $120 instead of $180) and case, and put that money into a GTX770. Also, the PSU is overkill. You'll only need at most a 550W for your setup and I'd go with a better brand (Seasonic or XFX) with a lower wattage with the same price.

    After all the changes, you should be able to get a GTX 770.
  2. the only thing i would change is the motherboard if you dont plan to overclock it would be a tad overkill but apart from that everything else looks good. well done
  3. Thanks a ton (:
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