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I want to move my comcast modem/router to the same room as my smart tv. Right now, the cable is connected to the hd box for the tv. Do I disconnect this and hook it to the modem? If so, how do I hook up the hd box?
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    Without more specifics, that is impossible to determine.

    What is the input on the modem/router? A coax cable?
    And on the HD box? Again...coax?

    From the street, there is one coax line. That goes to a leg to the HD box, the other leg to the modem/router.
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    The signal is split by a comcast specific splitter. IF you have no other devices on the comcast, get a union, look at the way the splitter is setup (as in which leg is currently going to the TV and which is going to the cable modem) remove the splitter and put the union in on the TV leg. Go to the DVR, remove the cable, place the splitter in as noted before, connect the TV leg to the DVR and the Modem leg to the modem...
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