i7 3770 non k all of a sudden showing only 4 logical processors?

So yea my title says it all, this randomly happened a day or two ago and I noticed a performance difference but just noticed today why. Any suggestions why this might happen or how I might fix it?
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    have you checked your bios to see if the hyperthreading has been shutoff? that would be where i start.
  2. ok I must have turned that off, now I feel stupid lol. One other thing tho my processor was ramping up to 4.17 ish now it stays hard on 3.67, that's the reason I disabled hyperthreading, to see if that effected my ghz.
  3. what kind of cooler do you have on your cpu? and is your oc set to auto?some more specs would definately help me out more.
  4. turbo is set to auto, I just have it set at 3.4 like I did before when it was ramping up. Last week I installed a evo 212 so I've been watching the temps closely and it hasn't went over 65. and the clock is just set at stock 3.4.
  5. disabling hyperthreading allows the turbo to ramp up the four cores further. now if you wanted to you could try changing your multiplier yourself for a higher oc. just turn the auto to manual and change via multiplier. just dont try to go way up right away go slowly with it. there are many tutorials here about overclocking that would be very beneficial to you.
  6. See the thing is this all started a while ago, I used to set my multiplier at 39. Out of the blue (could have been a bios update) my multiplier is now capped at 37. So when I set it back to 3.4 and had turbo on it was ramping to 4.17. two days ago this stopped and now it seems my processor is hard capped at 3.67. strange, I've tried redoing bios rolling it back to no avail.
  7. what motherboard do you have? really need some specs to help further.
  8. b75m-d3h hyperx blu 1600 9/9/9/27 changed 27 to 24 and held stability. 600 W psu gtx 660 ti gotta run now when I get back i'll restore bios to defaults and c if that fixes.
  9. with it being a b75 mobo there is no overclocking on that board. b75 boards were intended for businesses mainly which have no use for overclocking.
  10. I know i can only put it on turbo or manually set it up to 3.7 my question is what could make my max cpu freq go from 3.9 in bios to 3.7 as it is now. And why was it ramping to 4.17 and now only to 3.67 could intel virtualization technology do this? I'll have to try that when i get home, at the gf's house now.
  11. EIST driver in bios settings was doing it. I defaulted bios and it was back up to 4.17 +, disabled things one by one this time. Thanks for he help!
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