New GPU, Loud Static Noise

So I recently purchased a Nvidia Geforce 770gtx 4gb.

I replaced my old EVGA 550ti with this new 770gtx, same slot, used spray air on the PCI-E port, just a little and it was clear of dust, Installed this new 770gtx, reinstalled drivers, but now whenever I enter a game It suddenly has a extraordinary amount of static noise, its about as loud as the fans at ~3500rpm.

My 550ti also had noise when I launched a game but it was only half as loud as this new gpus is.

It almost sounds like static/air, its hard to explain, however the GPU has been able to play games at much higher FPS's than my old 550ti, so I can tell it is working. And monitoring Gigabytes OC Guru 2 module shows me it is sitting at its max voltage of 1.2v while in games at a GPU clock of 1267 at the moment, GPU temperature at 50c and fan speeds 1470rpm. (In World of Warcraft, also sits here for AC4)

So is something wrong with this GPU? Or am I just over concerned by this static, it actually gets quieter the longer the computer is on it seems.

More Specs if Needed: PSU is 750W Modular from Corsair, CPU is a 3570k, Motherboard is a Asus z77-LK, 8gb 1600mhz ram g.skill.

Edit: Its also probably usefull to know I tried reseating the card and made sure all the connections where plugged all the way, all good there, dident fix problem.
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  1. well.. the windforce cards are very quiet actually... on full load they will have some "hiss" since they push a lot of air around, but it also can cool down pretty much anything at that...
    maybe it's "coil whine" ? kind of a electronic squeeky sound? altho i doubt these cards have that - alot of high quality components on them that should prevent it... i have used two windforce cards and both were the quietest cards i've ever had... had to check if the fan was spinning at all when i first turned on the pc...
  2. Well, after it "Warms Up" or plays games for a hour or two it gets nearly silent, and on Desktop its also very quiet.
    But booting up a game when I turn on my computer it sounds like its frying a egg.
  3. very strange... you can set custom fan profiles with programs like msi afterburner, asus gpu-tweak, evga precision etc... i think gigabyte had their own software too but i didn't like it much, you can use any of them.. also i think they are based on riva tuner, atleast msi afterburner is - and it's also my favorite...
    still - i would try to find out what's behind all that... fan speeds are generally being set by the gpu according to it's temperature so this doesn't make sense... 50c is nothing for a gpu, try adjusting fan speed manually and see if maybe a fan makes some noise at certain rpm - then it could be damaged and you could rma it or something...
  4. It dosent appear to be related to the fan, i just put it on manual and behind the noise of the fan i can still hear this rattling static noise.
    The card is working well even with this noise.
  5. Just solved it for my self. I wanted to share because it was such headache for me. Buy ground loop, you can buy something professional or you can pick one up in bestbuy.. in car audio section for $15. That is it..

    I had an external audio card and an ATI HD card, whenever i would have anything on the screen i would get crazy static.. i rebuilt my pc, plunged and unplugged everything, nothing worked...

    please go to best buy or go online, buy ground loop isolator.. and be happy..
  6. Best answer
    is your pc actuelly grounded?
    i was struggling with 50hz "hum" in my headphones when using microphone because the flat i moved into had some crappy
    wiring to some sockets... solved it by connecting the ground (third cable in your power plug) properly
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