Moved game files on pc now must re download.

I moved my origin softwear and bf3 and simcity and when I open origin it says I must download the games.

I moved them from D:\programfiles(x86)\games

Freeing up space on my one hdd

So I moved them back to their original place and I still get the same must download the games again.

Do I have to or is there a fix? I only got a 7mbs connection and it takes 24 hours to download. In process of downloading WoW (23.5gb) and diablo 3 otherwise I would just download them again.
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  1. In the Origin client, did you tell it the new location?
  2. I couldn't find a clickable link in the client to change that. I also tried just opening bf3 from its folder and it starts then says origin not installed. Same with simcity.
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