asus p5q pro motherboard drivers for win 8

I looked up too see if this mobo was win 8 compatible,and according too what I read it is.

But I cant find the drivers for it anywhere.Do they exist? if they do,doesanyone know where I can get em from??

Ive searched everywhere and just keep going round in circles,so really hope someone here can help me out.

Ive been holding onto too XP as long as poss,but finally caved in.So yea this is a clean install,64 bit win 8.

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  1. cheers for the reply but Ive tried the win7 32 and 64 bit files but I just get the message 'does not support this operating system:wnt_6.2h_64'

    And i tried the win 8 compatibility mode but still the same message
    its weird tho win 8 has installed some of the mobo drivers automatically just the gfx card and six engine is not recognized

    Im really stuck here,please gissus a hand.

    Cheers again!
  2. win 7 driver wont work on a windows 8 one so you need a win 7 os or a new motherboard that support win 8 .
  3. strange I checked compatibility and from what I read the mobo will work on win 8.

    And like I said above win8 I think installed most of the mobo software apart from the gfx card and six engine...Im confused
  4. No I have the plain old P5Q-PRO,so im guessing im due a new mobo :(

    Its strange tho just played a game and it run super smooth better than before.Ive checked in device manager and the GFX card is there,but I try and open the CCC and I get the message 'CCC cannot be started.There are currently no settings that can be configured using the Catalyst Control Centre'

    So its there games work fine but its not there cause no CCC.

    What am I missing here??
  5. what is your gfx card ?
  6. asus radeon hd4870.

    I know I not got the latest gear,but I checked and everything cleared for win 8.
  7. nope still nothing well no CCC anyway.

    that driver ya posted was for 32 bit I have 64 bit windows 8.

    Cheers for your help but Im getting nowhere,anyone else have any advice?
  8. yea cheers tried ages ago,but the GFX card is just not updating its still stuck on the old drivers.Ive deleted everything..well the way I know but its just not clearing itself.
  9. AMD Display Driver
    Final Status: Fail
    Version of Item: 8.970.100.7000
    Size: 90 Mbytes

    Thats the message Im getting the display driver isnt installing.

    I dont wanna be rude here,I just want some advice should I go too another forum or can anyone here point me in the right direction??
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