Can I upgrade the graphics card and processor in my laptop

I was wondering if i could upgrade/change the cpu and graphics card because my current graphics card is being limited because it has to go though the integrated graphics because the card is amd and it is an intel system. Also how would i change the temperature sensor for the fan because it does seem to work right.

I play ARMA 3 and when i play offline it is good for a while then it gets all glitchy and the frame rate downs and picks up at around points what can i do to fix it.

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  1. You can probably upgrade the processor, but be sure the one you're gonna buy is compatible with the G2 socket. AMD graphics cards should work with Intel processors, but I'm not an expert with them. And I have no clue about the fan.

    If you have the cash, I'd get this processor:
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    It's a laptop - even if you can change the CPU, it would probably bot worth. Unless you have very high-end laptop designed to have graphic cards swapped, you can't upgrade your graphics either.

    I had just a look at your specs - i5 processor, HD7670M Radeon are not that bad. Don't expect a laptop to perform like a desktop with SLI ;)
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