My pc goes to a black screen after a while of gaming.

Hello, recently my pc has been crashing to a black screen with a sound loop after around an hour of gaming with various games. i Built the pc myself around 9 months ago and havent had any problems other than this. my personal opinion is that my psu isnt giving it another power or my cpu is overheating.

My pc specs are:
CPU: AMD Phenom x4 965 Black Edition
GPU:Sapphire HD7850 OC edition
RAM: 8 GB of Corsair Vengence Ram
PSU: Corsair CX 500

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. use msi afterburner turn up the fan on the gpu to make sure it not over heating and locking up.
  2. i've tried turning the fans to 80% but it still does it, it just seems to take a little longer to do it
  3. I had this problem LONG LONG TIME.
    After fresh install i did the following which really fixed it. Did not get BS last 3 days!


    Last things i did where
    - Install win 8 (did not fix it by itself)
    - Changed TDR keyes (look for TDR KEYS in google search)(Did not completely do the trick either)
    - Installed 331.58 NVIDIA driver (AFTER completely wiping drivers with Display Driver Wiper !IN SAFE MODE!) (This made BS way less, but still occured)
    -Use CPU for PHYSX
    - And THIS GAVE IT THE FINAL PUSH!!--> Underclocked my GPU from:
    + GPU clock 604 Mhz --> 534 Mhz
    + Memory clock 966 Mhz --> 966 Mhz
    + Shader clock 1368 Mhz --> 1200 Mhz

    This link shows all other things i tried-> Ignore the "solved" thas was pre-mature joy from my side!
  4. you could also use this on the sensor part to check the temp and voltage on your system
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