AMD A10 X4 5800K vs AMD FX 6300 (Budget build for CS:GO/Source & BF 3/4)

I want to build a budget gaming pc for:
Battlefield 3/4

I'm planning to buy the A10 to play CS:GO with more than @ 60 fps...
and after that ,when I have the money I'll buy an r9 270/ HD 7870...

So my question would by: Will the A10 with it's intergrated AMD Radeon HD 7660D gpu be able to play CS:GO with 60+ fps high settings in 1080p?

Or should I rather wait 'till I can get the FX 6300 and one of the discrete cards mentioned above?

and one last thing... If the A10 will run CS:GO at the desired settings and I buy it right now ,
will the A10 be a big drawback ,when finally buying the discrete card and wanting to play BF 3/4 compared to the FX 6300?
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  1. I would wait, and go with the FX 6300
  2. AMD's APUs are good for lower end gaming, I cannot tell you how well and at what FPS it will run CSGO at, though.

    If you have any desire to run a discrete card, it's never a good idea to get an APU, as the APU is weaker than a normal CPU, and the whole point of getting an APU is to satisify any need that wouldn't require a discrete GPU.
  3. Honestly I would wait until the next A10 arrives shortly this month with better GPU/CPU performance. It has the newest AMD architecture "Steamroller" while the AM3+ socket is pretty much done. With an FM2+ mobo you'll also get at least another upgrade possibility next year.
  4. Thanks for the replyes!

    Anyways...Can I expect a cheap but good CPU for the fm2+ socket in 2014 like the X4 750k ,but with L3 cache?

    Anyone has any information on the lineup from AMD for 2014?

    maybe we can get like a steamroller (or even newer) architecture based "750k" (sinonime for cheap but good gaming CPU for with L3 cache...
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    I have the fx 6300 and a radeon 7770 ghz edition and play cs go maxed out at an easy 60fps on 40 player servers, if u do 20 players it's always over 100 fps.

    This rig also runs bf3 and bf4 on @ max/high settings.
  6. Get the FX6300 or the 8320 , YOU WON'T REGRET IT.
  7. Thank you guys! I'll get the FX 6 core and the will rock :DD
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