Usb 3.0 motherboard usb 2.0 case

I have a usb 3.0 motherboard but my case has usb 2.0 will it work I don't mind if it will have the speed of a usb 2.0
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  1. Yes it works fine. And USB 3 ports work on back panel on your mobo just fine.
  2. Nope they arent compatible

    You should have USB2.0 Headers on the motherboard
  3. They are compatible. Just use adapter like this. (if case do not have one on)

  4. Most boards still have 10pin[2x5](8 actually used for 2 ports 1 is a place holder and a missing one to prevent reverse plugging.) usb 2.0 plugs anyway.

    As long as your board has that you will not even need an adapter.

    If you had a case with only usb 3.0 the adapter above would allow the 2.0 ports to use the 3.0 plugs on the case.
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