which one is more quiet on idle / low load, 7850 with zerocore or 650ti boost?

hi, im about to buy my 1st pc. i've narrowed down my choices to the below cards and makers. other makers that arent listed here arent listed because in my country the price is too expensive. for example asus 7850 cost $320 here.

i'm looking for a card that will be quiet / silent on low load / idle. I read reviews and found out that AMD cards have zerocore technology that turned off the GPU fans in low load / idle.
However, the only 7850 i could afford is HIS and XFX... Club-3d radeon 7850 i can only afford 1gb version.

does nvidia have similar fan off while idle features?

which one is better to buy in terms of noise level between the below cards?

HIS Radeon HD 7850 2GB
XFX Radeon FX 7850 2GB

Zotac Geforce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB
MSI Geforce GTX 650 Ti Boost 1GB
MSI Geforce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB Twin Frozr
Gigabyte Geforce GTX650 Ti boost 2GB

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  1. You should give model numbers as well.

    Just for reference, zero core only seems to shut off the fan when the card turns off your screen.

    The MSI twin Frozr is supposed to be quoter at load as well according to reviews.

    Most of these cards idle very quiet to be honest.

    I suggest checking the reviews from techpowerup(try to find the cards you can get) because they list noise and compare to many other cards as well.

    I know the MSI gtx 650 ti cyclone II is VERY quiet, but not as powerful as any of the cards you are looking at.
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  3. I would have to guess the MSI one, but only by a very small margin at idle. At load I am willing to bet it is more quiet than lets say the XFX core.

    I do not see too many reviews on the Gigabyte card, but it almost HAS to be quite with that cooler(looks to be a longer card.).
  4. alright, there is no stock of MSI 650ti boost here

    so if the option is either Gigabyte 2gb 650ti Boost vs MSI 650ti Boost Twin Frozr 1gb vs MSI 650Ti Boost 2gb non twin frozr

    which one'd be better noise -wise?
  5. Noise wise I would honestly bet they are all the same at idle. At idle video cards like that do not generate much heat and this need much cooling.

    I do not see many reviews on the normal single fan MSI 650 ti boost card, but here is the gigabyte and twin frozr ones,6.html,6.html

    As you can see those are both very quiet cards at idle and even at load.
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  7. Is this system for gaming? In that case you want the fastest card you can afford as long as your power supply of choice works with it.

    The r9 270's trade blows with the gtx 660's with a slight advantage in memory performance. Again, all these cards are not loud at idle.
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  9. How many watts is this m12II?

    Here are noise starts from techpowerup for the Asus DCII 270

    As you can see from the list most cards are quite quiet at light load.

    Chances are at these levels fans and hard drives will be louder. The Define case you want is good for low noise for sure.
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  11. Best answer
    I would see how long until your case comes in stock.

    As for the power supply, either will run the system. The RM550 has the advantage of running fanless at lower loads(almost certainly at idle).

    If you are satisfied with the performance of a 7790, go for it.

    I mean I have a GTX 650 ti from MSI(link) in my media center system and it is very quiet. It can play many games with decent settings. Clearly anything more demanding requires dropping some settings. The 7790 and that card trade blows depending on the game.

    I would just also like to note that watching videos takes less power on Nvidia cards than AMD ones at this time. Another reason the GTX 650 ti is in my media center(system idles under 40 watts and full loads under 180 watts(140-150 for most games) at the wall thanks to careful part selection).
    Image from techpowerup
  12. if i want to ask about power supply specifically, should i make another thread or continue to discuss it here...?
    what do you think?
  13. It may be a good idea to ask a new question about the power supplies in a new thread some users here are very good at finding a power supply to fit each user, but reviews I see for the RM550 do not seem to show it as having bad caps.
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