Is the Zalman Z11 a Good Case?

I'm building a PC with an FX6350, R9 270X and a Titan triple copper heat-pipe cooler and I want to get the Zalman Z11 and I was wondering how good the cooling and noise levels are and how good the case is in general.
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    The case is 'ok'. Not bad for £50, but not awesome. Careful of the length of gpu as i think 290mm is the max. It's not bad, but for £10/20 you could also look at...

    Corsair 300r


    Arc midi v2

    Bit finex prodigy (has same gpu size restriction as Zalman)

    In the end its upto you in regards to design/looks&features. Personally i would go for the fractal or corsair, but the Zalman will be fine. I just prefer the fractal for the removable hdd bay(or corsairs missing hdd bay), cable routing etc...

    Hope it helps!

    (not sure on cooler fittings for zalman-max size etc...)
  2. I like the z12 plus better , but the 11 is decent.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I like the z12 plus better , but the 11 is decent.

    I do like the window designs on those Zalmans, the Z9 i quite liked too(but with the window, not grill)
  4. I've also seen the CM 690II, would that be better than the Zalman?
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