R9 290 games crashing. Is my psu too weak?

Current specs:

AMD Phenom ii x4 955 - OC'd to 3900mhz @ 1.42v
ASUS M5A97 Evo
Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo
2x4gb Kingston Hyper Blu
120gb Samsung SSD
500 WD Blue HDD
HIS R9 290
Zalman 650w Goldrock 80+ Gold Certified CPU

I've been having constant crashing during gaming. Usually after about 30+ minutes I get crash back to desktop and have to restart the computer for everything to work properly again. I rma'd my card thinking it was the issue, but the tech told me that after rigorous testing, they've been unable to duplicate the issue.

I'm now wondering if my power supply is not high enough? I read about some issues that can occur with having a weak/bad psu (games crashing, etc), and feel that it could be the cause, although from everything that I've read 650w should be more than enough, even with the oc'd cpu.

One thing is that the PSU does have a cable that has an 8 pin and a 6+2 pin on the same one cable, which I have been using to plug into my gpu. Should I use two separate cables to power it (the psu is modular)?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. i dont hink that the psu is an doesnt matter if you use the 8 pin or the 6+2 pin!!! its the same thing...dont worry about that!What temps do you get to the cpu/gpu???
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    The minimum Watt requirement on that card is a 750W power supply. Your supply can feed 54 Amps on the +12 rail. I would imagine that is good enough for that GPU... jeez.
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