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Hello all,

So I just bought my first home and there happened to be in ceiling speakers installed in the bathroom and kitchen, the speaker hook up wires come out in the master closet.

I hooked up my Yamaha Receiver, (which I have perviously used to power a big set of speakers so I'm pretty sure its powerful enough) but when I play music it only comes through at a very soft level. There is a dial in the wall that I think controls the volume of the speakers and on 7 of the 8 settings it plays nothing, on the loudest setting it play very quietly on the speakers (and I mean whisper quiet).

I have turned the volume up on both the iPod and receiver, but when i turn it up on my receiver the power shuts off and it says "Protect mode".

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get these speakers to play louder?

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  1. that volume on the wall act as a resistor so check the input wiring in it with a small speaker to see if the sound level that come out is loud enough and if yes then check the way the volume is connect .
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    A lot of ceiling speakers are constant voltage (70 volt) and in this case a normal amplifier will not work correctly.
    To find out,remove one of the ceiling speakers and if it has a transformer mounted on it then it is a constant voltage type and you will need a constant voltage amplifier.
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