asus m5a99x evo r2.0 wont recognize dvd/cd rom as a boot device

I have a fresh build here. The bios recognizes my SSD but not my dvd/cd drive. I have been up and down the bios with no resolution. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. I had that same problem once with a Gigabyte MB and one other that I can't remember the manufacturer of.
    When connecting a SATA Optical drive to the SATA ports, I found that sometimes they won't be 'bootable' plugged into the 1st set of ports on the M/B if those ports are set as AHCI. If possible, move the optical drive to a set of SATA ports you can change to IDE.
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    Put SSD on SATA Port #1
    Put Optical Drive on SATA 5 or 6

    Go to SATA Configuration in the BIOS
    Change SATA Ports5-Port6 from [AHCI] to [IDE]
    Save and Exit BIOS.
  3. I did exactly what you you all said. Still not recognizing optical drive.
  4. Is the drive's power cable firmly inserted? Do you know if the optical drive is a working device?
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