1600mhz ram running at 1066

I just received this ram
and installed it in my dell xps 730x bios 1.0.5 i think running windows 8.1 and it is running at 1066 and not 1600. Can anyone please help me get it running at the 1600 speed. Also I am on an i7 940. Please let me know what bios settings to set thanks.
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  1. link the machine you got.
  2. For the most part ram will run at a "stock speed" no matter what you bought. You will just need to change it in bios. I don't know the machine so i cant step you through that. But if you know how to get into your bios there ya go.
  3. Well I know how to get into the bios but not sure what settings I need to change.
  4. If it allows it change the DRAM freq to 1600, then the base timings to the spec for the sticks 8-8-8-24 (it may need to be loosened to 9-9-9-27) DRAM voltage to 1.5 (may need to go 1.55 with your rig)
  5. Not sure what all I need to change for ram but I just changed the memory ratio to 12. Currently have.

    Xmp enabled

    memory ratio 12

    qpi is on auto have 4.800gt or 6.400gt as options

    then below that i have the things at

    tcl 8

    trcd 8

    trp 8

    tras? 24

    trfc 100 (when I go to xmp support information in the bios it lists 128 i think but mine only goes to 100)

    twr 12

    twtr 6

    trrd 5

    trtp 6

    then 1t or 2t timing currently on 1t

    voltage ram at 1.50v
  6. If running OK leave as is if any problems, drop the CR to 2T, if still problems can drop to 9-9-9-27
  7. well those are the settings I am at but still says 1066
  8. Have to manually set the freq to 1600
  9. I don't see any section to set frequency what tab is it under? I didn't see any option to pick a set speed. Maybe this will help I found a post on doing it on my pc but with the i7 920 and 965 but I am on a 940 so maybe you could tell me with the help of this?
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    You shouldnt need to manually adjust Change the xmp profile usually the first one will bring the memory to correct settings. Glad to see you have made progress. If that doesnt do the trick it makes me question the mobo.
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