My ASUS K43S was heating very high which results me to slow gaming performance

ASUS K43S overheating
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  1. walangruth said:
    ASUS K43S overheating

    Which processor do you have?

    Intel® Core™ i7 2630QM Processor
    Intel® Core™ i5 2410M Processor
    Intel® Core™ i3 2310M Processor

    Also try keeping your laptop on a solid surface without something like a piece of cloth underneath it.
  2. @Hevatroid --Intel® Core™ i3 2310M Processor
  3. walangruth said:
    @Hevatroid --Intel® Core™ i3 2310M Processor

    Try buying a laptop cooling station which is like one or two fans on a small pad. They're very cheap.
  4. @ Hevatroid -- i have already. but the problem still occurs
  5. walangruth said:
    ASUS K43S overheating

    same thing is happening in my asus k43s. we both have same laptop and model and problems. do you have the solution already? please let me know.
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