What is the definition of lifetime in pc hardware? I have old agp video card (yes I still have a system that uses an agp card)

What is a lifetime warranty ?
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  1. Not an expert, but I guess it means pretty much "for ever" (as long as you don't do anything that voids the warranty).

    However, wait for a 100% answer :)
  2. It means whatever it says in writing.

    Lifetime, as long as the original owner has it
    Lifetime, as long as it exists
    Lifetime, as long as it is in production
    Lifetime, forever and a day.

    What does it say in writing?
  3. The retail box says lifetime replacement warranty.
  4. 1oldguy said:
    The retail box says lifetime replacement warranty.

    And in the box, was a piece of paper outlining the specifics. No one ever reads those, though. They just get tossed.

    Why the question? That old AGP card died?
  5. Who is it from? Some brands that used to offer lifetime replacements have gone defunct and thus their warranties are no longer honored. You could also call the company and find out what their definition of "lifetime" is since that is really what matters.
  6. It's a PNY ti4600. I replaced it with a 6800gt. The 6800 died. I replaced it with a used 7850, it also died after about a year. I put the 4600 in to be able to use it for it's main purpose of email. When I turned it on the screen was filled with square blocks. I uninstalled video drivers, reinstalled 4600 cd drivers, still same squares. I bought another nvida card, used of course, it didn't work, sent it back for refund, got a radeon 3850 that works beautifully. The 4600 card is like a backup. It's just that it has a lifetime warranty. It would be different if I there wasn't agp computers out there.
  7. When you see the warranty worded as follows it doesn't seem likely that it will be honored.


    PNY Technologies, Inc. ("PNY") warrants the product, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product as sold to the original purchaser ("purchaser"), subject to all the terms and conditions hereunder. This warranty is for replacement for like items only. Lifetime replacement warranty does not cover items out of production if the company no longer stocks them. (Lifetime is defined as the lifetime of the product on the market. Outdated technology is not covered by lifetime warranty if the item is no longer available on the common market as a new product.) This warranty is not assignable.
  8. I guess that deceptive marketing is OK then. Nowhere on the box does it say anything other than Lifetime Replacement Warranty. I am sure that those words were a deciding factor in buying the card.
    I contacted a PNY tech and got the too bad for you no replacement for you message. I had a couple of sticks of old memory from Kingston with a lifetime warranty go bad and they RMA'd them. They said that they aren't made any more, but they would look at them to see if they could repair them. I sent them in and figured that I would see if PNY would do the same.
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