Should I return my Asus r9 270x to newegg, or sell it on ebay?

I just received my Asus r9 270x, upon arrival I discovered that it doesn't fit inside if my small ATX mid tower. If I return it to newegg, where I bought it, they will give me $186 for it, and I have to pay return shipping of about $15. After looking around on eBay I thought it might be a better idea to just sell it on there. Which option would get me the most money in return?
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  1. I'd try on eBay, prices on those have been going up, the Egg is currently asking $219 for your card
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    Keep in mind ebay will also charge you selling fees and the higher you sell your product the more they will charge ;)
    so the ebay was is a gumble, where as you know what you paying for sending it back to the egg
  3. If in the States there's also CraigsList and local newspaper ads
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