4th ram slot freezes system! Pls help

Ok before I totally disassemble this aged system, pls help me.

asus p5ne- sli
4 x 1gb ram
q6600 at stock
5450 1gb
corsair 430w psu

Was having system freezes even in bios. All sticks passed memtest. Began trying each ram slot w/ 1 stick only and 4th ram slot is the only one that would cause system to freeze, even in bios. Can do dual channel in slots 1 and 3 and is fine, but not w/ anything in slot the motherboard's bad right? Bios is latest. Anything I can do? If not just gonna break up n try to sell.
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  1. Couple things you might try, raise the DRAM and the NB voltage each + 0.06 or so, also check the CPU cooler and loosen it a bit then snug it back down (snug but not super tight)
  2. Ok, memory volt had been set to auto and bios doesn't display what it's running on auto so I set it to the lowest voltage which is 1.92v( ram is rated for 1.8v). NB was auto and also doesn't display what it's running at so I put it on lowest (1.20v) and was able to boot into windows this time but froze after about 3min. So I increased NB to 1.39v(next higher slot) and gets stuck on windows screen. Unable to loosen cpu cooler because it's push pin but can undo or unturn 1? Thanks for your help BTW
  3. Can try NB at 1.2 and change the 1st of the memory timings up 1, i.e. if base timings a are 5-5-5-15 change to 6-5-5-16
  4. OK froze in bios so took awhile. timings are 5-5-5-15 so set like u said to 6-5-5-16 and got a long continuous beep when trying to boot.
  5. Might just be a bad slot, would think we should be running with these settings
  6. Yeah all the other slots work w/ default settings. Put to 5-5-5-18 and worked for a little while and then got blue screen crash saying system service exception
  7. Sorry :(
  8. Well put NB back to 1.39; ram at 5-5-5-18 1.92v and everything seems to be working fine. Just gotta add the other 3 sticks and see how it goes. Been doing fine for about 1.5hrs. Does this mean my motherboard is pretty much on it's way out?
  9. COuld well be, with the socket 775, the MC (memory controller) is on the mobo itself, rather than in the CPU as with the more recent CPUs
  10. So what does that mean? Do I have to change another setting?
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    If the slot is bad then more failures can occur, migh have additional slots give out, the NB chipset with the MC might go, never know ..... could run for years on 3 DRAM slots
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