Cannot adjust gamma settings inside AMD Catalyst Control Center?

So I bought a new graphics card earlier this month (ASUS Radeon HD 7790) and it's been running fine since I got it, besides the occasional crash which requires a hard boot to fix. Anyway, today I booted up my computer since I shut it off last night (I usually just put it to sleep) and this morning when I turned it on, the screen was very dark and the colors saturated, like the gamma was turned down. I messed around with my monitor settings and also the monitor color settings in AMD CCC, and none of the options were helping, including the brightness and contrast options.

After that I went to the desktop management menu and went to "Desktop Color", and I started playing around with the gamma, and yet it still had zero effect on the brightness of either monitor. The brightness and contrast sliders also had no effect.
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  1. The gamma slider still does nothing, can anyone help?
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