New mobo and cpu, do I need to buy Win7 again?

Hey guys.
I'm thinking about upgrading my PC soon and I have a few questions.
First, my current build is as follows:
AMD FX-4100 Quad core cpu
8gb ram
Gigabyte M68MT-S2
Windows 7 64 OEM
Corsair 700w PSU.

I'm thinking of upgrading to:
Gigabyte GTX 760 2gb.
AMD FX-6300 Six core.

I heard that if I have an OEM of windows, and I upgrade my mobo, I have to buy WIN7 again. adding $100 to the already costly upgrade.
Is this true? If so, is there any way around it?
If I really do have to buy Win7 again, I might just try linux.
I had it on my laptop before, but it was hard for me to learn all over again.
Also, I'm assuming with all these new parts I'd have to wipe my HDD right? because of the drivers?
I DO NOT have any windows CDs, my pc was "pre-built gaming computer" (should've built it myself, but I got discouraged.)
I recently built my dad a PC for Christmas and it went great, so I feel fully capable of upgrading mine.
Thanks to anyone who can answer these question. Kind of a long post, I know.
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  1. Only way around it would be illegal, Torrenting etc I do not condone that but thats the only other way around it to my knowledge.
    I suggest just buying the 100$ windows 7
  2. Best answer
    If you have oem, you 'should' need to buy a new c.o.a. (money)
    To cut a long story short, genuine o.e.m. codes can be got off Feebay for under £30.
    Its the easiest way , honest.
  3. BTW, NOBODY ,and I mean NOBODY can produce a viable even short term use hack of windows 7 or 8.
    These people are on that money for a reason. Buy a sealed pack off of a 100% feedback ebay tech seller .
    $45 ish.
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