asus z87 pro vs gigabyte sniper z87

Title says it all. My only concern with the sniper is that it doesn't have on board wi-fi. Will be running i7 4770k and no more than 2 gpu's as well as light overclocking. Thanks!
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    depends on if youll be using wifi, and if you are then is the difference in price worth it?
    IMO its a tough decision, but ultimately comes down to if you really need the wifi capability. i do like Asus and trust them more, but gigabyte makes good boards as well. also the gigabyte only has 1 PCIe 3.0 slot, and since you said youre planning on 2 GPUs you might want to go with the Asus.

    all in all both are great boards.
  2. Both are good boards, but if you would want on-board wifi I would go with the Asus Mobo. :) Happy gaming!
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