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Hello, I built a gaming pc for $1500 this summer and am very "techy" so don't be afraid to use "techy" language. I am building a gaming pc room, (black walls, custom desks, flight sim, colored lights, etc.) I will have 4 pcs in there with the same overall specs. I would just like to use these when I have friends over and we can play bf4, hit man, other fps, minecraft (not really a concern ;)) around medium to high setting averaging around 50-60 fps. My budget is 400-500 per pc. Any help is great! Also if you have an idea for the room I would love to here your input! Thanks for reading!

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    I was able to find a $500 PC that was tested to run BF3 at High/Ultra Settings at 50-60 fps, Far Cry 3 at High settings at 50-60 fps, and Crysis 3 at Medium Settings at 50-60 fps. You can thank Austin Evans for this build!

    All the parts are in the description of the video.

    Happy Gaming!
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