Corsair Vengeance 24GB (6x4, 1600) on Asus Sabertooth X58 Only Shows 15GB

Intel Core-i7 960 3.02 Ghz
Asus Sabertooth x58
Corsair Vengeance 24GB 6x4 1600 DDR3
GeForce GTX 780 Ti
Windows 7 64-Bit

I recently picked up this RAM at my local Fry's (possibly of note - this RAM had been returned previously, but was functional according to Fry's testing), and after installing it I observed that it was only showing 15GB installed. I checked BIOS to make sure the voltage and timings were correct, which they were. I took out the three sticks in A2/B2/C2, leaving three sticks in and my system showed 12GB installed as I anticipated.

On a whim, I switched out the RAM with the three I had just removed. A-ha! Windows and BIOS only showed 3GB installed. I then began trying multiple configurations of the RAM and determined that three of the six sticks were only being recognized as 1GB. Thus, when all six were socketed it showed 15GB of RAM.

Do I have faulty RAM? Was it possibly tampered with before being returned? Or is it something else entirely that I can remedy? Thanks in advance.
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  1. It seems that three of the modules are faulty. I'd return the kit.
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