Need help deciding on ssd/hdd

So i basically have all my gaming pc parts waiting to be put together but im trying to decide whether to buy an ssd or just stick with my old 1tb hdd. Im not sure what brand but im pretty sure its 5400rpm, which i read isnt that great. I was gonna go with a 120gb ssd & a new 1tb 7200rpm hdd. Im gonna put the OS, Steam, & other important things on the ssd. & games, music & videos on the hdd. Would this be a smart thing to do? I hate long loading screens in games so thats why i want the ssd. An example: i LOVE the mmo Vindictus, but i had long load times between levels & id like to have it reduced to just a few seconds.

Id like a list of reliable, affordable hdd/ssd's.
I was looking at the Samsung 840 Evo 120gb. & for the hdd i was going for the WD Black WD2002FAEX 2tb 7200rpm.

Thank you in advance. :)
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  1. it really depends on if you want to spend the money for the ssd. im running a 7200 rpm hdd and im not noticing long loading times. im used to ps3 loading times maybe thats why :P but youll be fine using a mechanical hard drive.
  2. also i just read your post again. you said you would put games on your hdd. so having a ssd wouldnt help your load times if the games are not on the ssd
  3. Hmm okay. So do you think if i just get. 2tb 7200rpm hdd by itself, my pc will run fast? Cause my pc is gonna be mainly used for gaming everyday, for hours on end. I do turn off my pc every night, unless im downloading things. I just want my pc to boot up quickly, & have my games load up quickly. Especially with all these new MMO's coming out this year.
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    yea you should be fine. i dont know how much stuff youll have on your hdd or if you use all of 2 terabytes. when i build my pc i couldnt afford ssd and i thought i was gonna be disaapointed but im glad i didnt spend the money the hdd does better then i thouhgt and its fine for gaming
  5. Kks cool thanks :) i usually never use 100% of my space. Once i beat a game i delete it off my pc so i never get to. im just gonna get a new 2tb hdd then.
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