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HI,I have tried to ask about replacing my old PC with a newer one with a updated OS.
My question is can i take what have downloaded on my external HDD and install all of the files and folders that are on external HDD on the new PC.
Also would like to download some security programs on to my USB stick and install what ever programs that i may use for security before hooking PC up to the internet to hopefully keep from letting some gremlins onto
new PC before i even have a chance to use it
any ides or thoughts would be appreciated,thank you
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  1. If you have software ready to install on the other drive then you can do it. If it is software that is already installed them some programs may work and other will need to be reinstalled. Also some games and programs save your progress data in the Users folder so back that up or you loose your saved game progress ect. As for security programs ect, yes you can put the installers on a stick ready to go and install them from that. I have a system tools flash drive which contains various security software and repair tools.
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    Everything you save on your external HDD can be transferred over. Any installed programs will need to be re-installed on the new version of OS.

    I wouldn't worry about a virus in the short time it takes to get internet up and running to download and install a AV but of course you can just find a full installer and put it on your external HDD if you like. Windows 7 or 8 has a built-in firewall that is pretty crappy but won't let a program alter your computer.
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