Good CPU cooler, quiet and cheap?

I am in the market looking for a CPU cooler for my 4770k, could someone suggest one that has good performance, runs as quiet as possible, would be able to sustain an average OC (4.1-4.3ish) and is relatively cheap (under £50-60).

Liquid or air is ok, my case is corsair 650d if that matters

Thanks in advance

PS I am in the UK btw
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  1. You could look at the 212 evo.
  2. Does it run quiet and keep an OC under load cool well?
  3. hyper 212 evo is around 25-30 dollars. its gonna quiet down your system and give it great cooling to your cpu.
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    keeps it cool even when over clocked. yes
  5. Thanks for all the help :D
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