ASUS- Nvidia Geforce GT 610 graphics card.. Black border around screen? Video lagging?

Basically I got a new graphics card and slotted it in, then booted via HDMI instead of VGA connection from the motherboard. The monitor, and my other one, both have a black border around an inch thick all the way around the screen.

I went into this monitors settings and tried adjusting it but the other resolutions have it either going wayyyyyy zoomed in or too far out, I tried adjusting the screen resolution on the computer itself and that seems to not help at all either :( Any ideas? I downloaded the nvidia app that gives you updates on drivers etc and it installed one driver called 'Geforce R331 Game Ready Driver', but again nothing changed with display.

Also, video is lagging on the system. Not just video actually but movement itself, typing is fine but moving the mouse, watching a film etc (which was fine on a graphics card I got which was less performance capable than this one) it's all wierd =/.

ALSO, under the advanced setting tab on display right... It says unavailable for everything yet the system knows I have a card? :S
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  1. And I just fixed it, manually dled driver from site and restarted, all problems solved :o
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