Display keeps turning off - URGENT HELP PLEASE!!!

My Dell XPS 8300 has always served me well, and it has survived long enough to be passed down to my younger brother when I built a new computer recently. But two days ago it suddenly developed a very strange fault. The computer had been on for at least a full day, possibly two or three.

When my brother jiggled the mouse to take it out of sleep mode, the screen was much dimmer than usual. Still usable, but noticably less bright. I restarted the PC, and the bios splash screen appeared for a moment (about 1.5 seconds), then the screen went black.

The monitor light was still green (rather than orange), so the computer was clearly still supposed to be sending an image to the monitor, but the screen was completely pitch black.

Turning the monitor off, then back on, made the screen come again, but again only for a second, before going black again.

Here is what I have done to try and fix the issue:

- Try a different monitor - the exact same thing happened

- Leave the PC off and unplugged for a day - the exact same thing happened

- Take out the graphics card (nvidia gt545) and move the monitor cable to the VGA slot on the motherboard (using intergrated graphics) - guess what? THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED!

I don't understand what the issue can be. My thinking is that it cannot be a problem with the monitor, or the graphics card. It cannot be a driver issue because the graphics card and intergrated cpu graphics have different drivers (is that right?).

Could this issue in fact be with the power supply?

Any help is very, very much appreciated, thanks!!!
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  1. Could try resetting the bios. If that doesn't work try different ram, power supply and see if that fixes the problem :).
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